1. The use of the Theatre Lounge must be restricted to the use specified on the booking form, and the applicant must provide full information about the nature of the event at the time of booking.


2. A booking will only be held provisionally for a period of 7 days.  A nonrefundable deposit, as agreed on the booking form, must be paid to secure a confirmed booking.


3. The hirer must be over 21 years of age.


4. All agreements for hire must be made on the official booking form. The agreement becomes a binding contract when it is signed by both parties.


5. The person who signs the contract is considered to be the hirer. Where a company or organisation is named, that body will be considered to be the hirer. The hirer, or named representative, will be considered the only official point of contact.


6. The Theatre Lounge will not be occupied earlier than the ‘get in time’ as agreed on the contract, and will be vacated no later than the agreed finish time. Any additional hours will be incur an excess charge of £25/hour or part thereof.


7. A booking does not entitle the hirer to use or enter the hired facilities or premises at any time other than the specific hours for which the booking applies, except by prior arrangement.


8. We do not offer a corkage service.


9. All food and drink must be purchased from the Theatre Lounger bar and/or kitchen.


10. All equipment brought in to the theatre by the hirer, especially electrical, must conform to the latest H.S.E. Regulations; electrical equipment must contain an up to date pat test sticker on each item.


11. The management shall not be responsible for damage to, or loss of, any articles or good brought in to the theatre by the hirer.


12. No articles, goods or equipment shall be left in the venue beyond the agreed exit time unless by prior arrangement with the management.


13. The hirer shall be liable for all damage, which may be done or occasioned, by them, to the building or fixtures, fittings, furniture and objects belonging to the C.E.T.C. This includes any and all damage caused by dressing the venue and setting decorations for an event.


14. The method and area of fixing for all decorations and dressing must be agreed with the Theatre Lounge management.


15. The hirer shall not sub-let or hire any part of the premises to another party without the consent of the C.E.T.C, and if this is given a separate agreement must be made.


16. No exits shall be blocked or fire equipment moved, or made inaccessible by the placement of the hirer’s equipment.


17. If the hirer cancels the booking the C.E.T.C. will retain the deposit made. If the booking is canceled 28 days or less prior to the event the hirer is liable for the full value of the booking.


18. The management reserves the right to cancel any function or performance at any time and will not be liable for any cancellation charges. We would advise all hirers to take out sufficient insurance cover.


19. If the facilities booked are required for a local or national requirement of emergency or in the opinion of the C.E.T.C. management rendered unfit for use by a cause outside the C.E.T.C.'s control, the C.E.T.C. reserves the right to cancel the booking and return the fees paid. In such circumstances the hirer is not entitled to compensation.


20. It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide qualified and registered door staff if they are required.


21.  The Theatre Lounge management will provide an appropriate number of staff as determined from the information presented to the management by the hirer.


22. Representatives of C.E.T.C., the S.K.D.C., Police officers and fire officers shall, at all times, have free access to the premises for the purposes of inspection.


23. The hirer and guests must conduct themselves in a responsible manner with due consideration to any other guest, and venue staff.  The hirer and guests must refrain from any behaviour which would bring the venue into disrepute, or cause discomfort/risk to others.  It is the hirer’s duty to ensure that guests are aware of, and agree to, these expectations.


24. The C.E.T.C. reserve the right of its staff at their absolute discretion, to refuse admission to, or remove any persons or goods from, the premises.


25.  The C.E.T.C. shall have the power to terminate any agreement relating to the future hire of the premises if it is considered that the hirer has in any way been guilty of a breach of these regulations.


26. Guide dogs are the only animals to be admitted by special arrangement.


27. The C.E.T.C. holds a combined license for music, singing, dancing, and for sale of alcohol. It also holds a license for PRS and also PPL. Where cover of either is required a small charge will be incurred by the hirer. PRS is the performing rights society and is responsible fees for the public performance of live music and reimbursing the music writers. PPL is the Phonographic Performance LTD and is responsible for collecting fees for the public performance of recorded music and the reimbursing the recording artists.


28. It is the hirer’s duty to ensure that minors are appropriately supervised at all times while on the premises.


29. The management reserve the right to vary or modify these regulations without notice. Any decisions by the management on the interpretation of these regulations shall be final.


30. Indemnity. Users of the hall are admitted at their own risk. The C.E.T.C. accepts no liability for loss, damage or injury within the building or its precincts to property or persons arising from any cause whatsoever and the hirer shall indemnify the C.E.T.C. against any claim which may arise out of the hiring, or which may be made by any person resorting to the corn exchange during the hiring in respect of any such loss, damage or injury.


31. A first aid box is provided on site, however, it is the responsibility of the hirer to provide a qualified first aider if required at the event.


32. These terms & conditions will form the basis of a contract between the Corn Exchange Theatre Company and the hirer and must be signed by both parties.